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  • Take your leadership skills to a higher level

  • Discover transformational breath work

  • Learn the art of mindfulness

  • Calm that inner child

  • Foster growth mindset


Bespoke mental wellness program for leaders/staff


Peacefull Parenting


Teach your child to deal with intense emotions


We work alongside local councils and charities to work on funded projects to bring inclusiveness and positive social connections.

What is emotional fitness?

Emotions are complex product of thoughts, feelings which dictates our action/reactions and the repeated cycles makes us who we are. Looking after emotional health is vital.

So why do you need to be emotional fit?

Your emotional fitness can significantly impact all aspects of your life both at home and at work.

Keeping your mind in balance will allow you to make better decisions, build stronger relationships and overcome challenges more easily. Science truly shows that by aligning your emotional, physical and mental well-being this will deliver elevated levels of emotional fitness – crucial to your well-being.

Our Services

The world is witnessing a unique catastrophic event ( Covid-19) where humanity is shaken regardless of its geographical location. Such world events come with ripples of unseen heightened emotions. We are still here and providing all our programs on a virtual platform until normality resumes.


Individual or group coaching
For business leaders, managers , staff and manpower
  • Effectively manage stress triggers
  • A true work life balance, improved personal and team resilience
  • A stronger team with healthy relationships


Groups workshops of 2-4 people
Improve inner strength to positively impact their parenting skills
  • The secret of parenting peacefully.
  • The key to cultivating your own mindfulness practice
  • Tools for handling overwhelming situations


Four 90-minute sessions
One-to-one sessions for children aged from 5-19 years old
  • How to overcome anxiety and depression
  • How to tame the inner critic transforming difficult emotions; self-doubt, fear and negative thinking
  • How to find balance in the digital age


Weekly one hour virtual group sessions
5-10 senior adults per group
  • We do surveys and identify opportunities and develop new initiatives for local areas.
  • Tailored made virtual program for senior adults.

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