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Signature Program:  The Science of Chakra Energy and Correlation with Human Physiology  


After the huge success of our Masterclass on Coherence of Science with Spirituality,

we are announcing an exclusive 6 months Signature Program, “The Science of Chakra Energy (Body Energy) in Correlation with Human Physiology”.

With my scientific hat on, it wasn’t easy to accept and understand the ancient wisdom of the Chakra system. But after many years of research, discussions with masters at various retreats across the country, I understood one thing that the ‘journey inward’ is the only key. For this it is important to bridge the gap between science and spirituality.

My further research reflected that the function of the chakras is very intricate in that it is an energy system that communicates with the body via biological systems, such as the endocrine glands and nervous system, to keep it balanced and healthy.

Let us understand what Chakra is? Chakra is the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’. The chakras are energy centres in the subtle body. Though they are part of our subtle anatomy they have physical reference points (body organs and elements throughout the body and along the spine). Whilst the chakras are the source of all physical, mental and emotional power that exists within us, our organs, glands and their secretion are the guardians of our health. This programme is designed with yogic understanding of the east with depth teachings of western psychology and philosophy for breath taking new possibilities for personal growth.

In this 6 months Signature Program you will learn: 

  • Scientific architecture of Chakras with corresponding body organs
  • How each energy centre has an impact on your health, finances and relationships
  • Your unique blueprint of your dominant body element, which energy centre is blocked and how to bring it to a flowing state to receive abundance from the universe
  • How to use ‘law of oneness’ to tap into higher consciousness for inspiration and fulfilment
  • How to use scientific and yogic knowledge of chakra as a tool to heal health issues, a painful past, traumas and liberate yourself from the pattern of frustration and anxiety

Program Content

There will be an in-depth talk on all the chakras (each charka corresponds with specific body organs) the connections and interactions between the chakras, reference points with our body organs and how to achieve and maintain a stability in our body’s energy centres.

Transformation happens at the 5th chakra. This chakra corresponds to the liver, the thyroid and parathyroid.
We will explore the 5th chakra in greater detail both in terms of scientific reasoning and through the ancient yogic traditions of healing.

Each session will be followed by Kundalini yoga, pranayama and meditation to assist in aligning all chakras so that you can experience greater awareness, balance and well -being.


Baljeet Baba –  MBA, MS’C and Certified Mindfulness Life coach with over 15 years experience lecturing Human Physiology, Neuroscience and educating people regardless of age/gender/profession to bridge the gap between science and spirituality

Surinder Sidhu- Internationally certified level 2 Kundalini yoga teacher, with over 18 years knowledge and experience of inner transformation work

Manjit Kaur –  Kundalini yoga and sound healing teacher with over 5 years experience in Meditation, Gong healing and hosting International retreats.

Time table: (each session will be 3 hours)

Sunday, March 15th

Introduction and basics of Chakras, the 5th Chakra (balance); correlation with liver, thyroid and parathyroid

Sunday April 19th

Interaction between the 1st Chakra (soul), 9th Chakra (subtle body) and stomach, ovaries, testies and spleen

Sunday May 17th 

4th Chakra (heart) and 6th Chakra (third eye) correlation with large intestine, lungs, thymus and pituitary gland

Sunday June 21st 

Correlation of 3rd Chakra (the navel) and 7th Chakra (the crown) with pancreas and heart

Sunday July 19th

The negative mind and the pranic body; correlation of the 2nd Chakra and 8th Chakra with bladder, adrenal glands and kidneys

Sunday August 16th 

Accessing the higher realms of wisdom; connections between the 8th, 9th and 10th Chakras

VenueMere Green Community Centre, 30 Mere Green Rd, Sutton Coldfield B75 5BT

Time10am till 1pm

Fees£65/month or £360 for 6 months



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Start Date: April 21st 2020