Children Session

Children are the most joyous piece of life on earth but in this fast paced era we have created  an overstimulated environment, competitive attitude and unrealistic expectation from  their childhood. This has put enormous pressure and they struggle to understand and cope with intense emotions.

1 in 8 children suffer from excessive worry; what if? what if? is constantly buzzing in their head which takes one or other form of  behaviour such as being nervous, jittery, moody, unfocused, needing constant reassurance, friendship issues, social anxiety This also may lead to eating and sleeping issues.

it is important to address these issues at early stages of development years.

For children aged from 5-19 years old:

One-to-one -tailored to the specific needs of the child. It begins with informal meeting ( usually home visit) to make child feel safe and comfortable, followed by 6 weeks sessions.

Group : 6-10 children or a classroom in school settings- we choose topics like self-esteem, worry monsters etc and these sessions are run with various fun activities but with a strong science based reasoning behind mind-thoughts-emotions. Every workshop ends with breathing exercises and a  guided meditation.

What skills will they learn?

  • How to overcome anxiety and depression
  • How to tame the inner critic transforming difficult emotions; self-doubt, fear and negative thinking
  • Superpower skills like GRIT, resilience and growth mindset
  • How to find balance in the digital age
  • Self-love and healthy body image.