Corporate Session

‘Burnout stress is the worst kind of stress with symptoms of complete physical, emotional and mental exhaustion which comes as a result of the pursuit of unattainable goals.’

Corporate stress/ workplace stress has reached to epidemic level. The financial cost to British business due to stress is an estimated £26 billion per year. This is equivalent to £1035 for every employee and in some countries as high as £40 billion (Mindful Employer 2016).

The underlying issue is mainly ‘silent stress’ which leads to

  1. Increased heart rate
  2. Intense emotions- anxiety, anger, sadness and withdrawal
  3. Poor sleep pattern or even insomnia
  4. Frequent cold and cough
  5. Acidity/ulcers -poor digestion.
  6. Weight gain/weight loss
  7. Low morale and motivation, which directly affects an organisation’s productivity.

What are quick fixes?

Stress is alarming so corporate sector is paying attention -like flexible hours. On site gyms and dress down informal days but what is needed is addressing the core issue? State of mind!

How we can help?

We can have a informal chat to understand the need of individual ( Leaders 1:1) or organization, ( Group work) through a short fact finding questionnaire.

Leaders has privilege of spreading positivity around their employees and if they work on themselves to achieve emotional fitness then it becomes  contagious to be able to empower employees.

Group work can be highly effective at identifying issues within a team without disclosing personal issues. An entire group benefits from each individual member’s participation.

Individual coaching or group sessions of 10-12

11-week course or half/full day options focusing on specific areas for improvement


  • Identifying stress triggers right at the beginning.
  • Effectively manage stress triggers by understanding science behind thoughts-emotions-actions.
  • Loads of fun activities and participants full involvement.


  • A true work life balance
  • Alignment of Physical and emotional health.
  • Improved personal and team resilience
  • A stronger team with healthy relationships

Investing in good emotional health can help an organisation to

  1. Reduce the costs of lost productivity due to absenteeism and presenteeism
  2. Retain valued and experienced members of staff and thus avoiding unneccessary recruitment and training costs.
  3. Reduce employee turnover; lower rates of early retirement due to ill health and greater staff retention.