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Project H.O.P.E- 2020

Hold Onto Positivity Everyday (H.O.P.E)

The HOPE project is dedicated to help anyone who is struggling with anxiety, negative inner chatwhich comes uninvited when the whole world is under the grip of CORONAVIRUS. The coronavirus is not only a disease of the body, but also presents an existential crisis that has put governments, businesses and, most importantly, communities and families on edge.
Not all of us will be infected by the virus, but we are already affected. Floods of information is creating confusion than clarity. It is a natural human emotion to be afraid of the unknown and the uncertain.
But we can’t lose hope. This project is an effort to how we might be able to holistically cope with the uncertain reality that has rapidly spread throughout the world. We will be sharing free resources, tool-kits and strategies to navigate the way through these difficult times.
We can overcome this, together!